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The issues regarding to the TF card.

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Q: The issues regarding to the TF card.

A: 1. Supportable card of X3.
     It supports TF card (or Micro SD card) which includes SDHC and SDXC.

    2. Are there any requirements about the TF card?
      After test, it has good support for TF card in well-known brand (such as Kingston and SanDisk). Though we
      are unable to test all the brands, normally it can work well once with good quality.
      If the speed of card is too slow, X3 would get stuck in operation or unable to play high data rate lossless
      music (like 192K/24B in APE format). In this case, we would suggest you to use TF card in CLASS6 or even

    3. The capacity of supportable card.
       After test, X3 can support as large as 128G. But the card in 128G should be formatted to FAT32 first.

    4. How to format TF card into FAT32?
     It is suggested to put the TF card into the card reader to connect to PC (it's ok to put TF card into the X3
     directly to connect PC). After found the card in the “Server Explorer”, right click it, and format it into
     FAT32 according to its prompt. At this time, please DO NOT choose 64K under the Allocation unit size when
     formating the TF card.
     Note: TF card in 64G/128G can't be formatted into FAT32 under windows system, please try to use third
               party tool  "Guiformat/smdk_fat32" or "smdk_fat322" to format it.
    "Guiformat/smdk_fat32" :  
     "smdk_fat322": .

    5. X3 can't read any audio file from the TF card.
      a) After inserting the TF card into the X3, please go to "System Settings"—>"Info/Storage" first, then check
       whether the capacity of the "External memory" and "Available memory" is normal or not (compare to the
       condition when it displays on computer directly). If the capacity displays abnomally on X3, please try to
       format the TF card into FAT32.
      b) If FAT 32 still doesn't work, then please format into NTFS.
      c) If possible, it's suggested to change another TF card to have a try.

    6. X3 can't read all the files from the TF card.
      a) Please check the displaying situation of the audio files via "Play All", "Category" and "Browse Files".
      b) If all the audio files can be showed via "Browse Files", but not via "Play All" or "Category", please
          ungrade your X3 to the latest firmware. At present, the latest version is FW3.0.
     c) After a successful upgrade, please delete the hidden datebase file in the X3:   , then remember to
         update the library manually. It will help create a new database file.

   7. The TF card can support the NTFS format?
      Yes, it can. When the system file of the TF card is in NTFS, it can be read by the X3, but firmware upgration
       would be not applicable.


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