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Something about the X1's Remote Control Function

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Edited by FiiO at 2015-10-12 14:31

Originator: James

As is known to everyone, our player X1 supports remote control function. However, people nowadays usually have little knowledge of another fact:  the connectors of these earphones actually have 2 differentsets of standard.

During the designing progress of X1, we took into consideration of the situation that most remote versions of earphones/headphoneare designed on the basis of Apple gadgets and few earphones will provide anon-Apple standard version. Therefore, X1 only support those earphones/headphones designed accordingly to standard Apple headphone jack. If you plug a non-Apple standard earphone/headphone in X1, you may only get weaken and distorted sound.

Here is the further explanation:

Nowadays the earphones/headphones with remote control and microphones adapted to the normal mobile phones on the market are equipped with 3.5mm 4-pole TRRS plugs appearing as follows:

Look at the picture -- the golden medal part is the plug, dividing into four segments from top to bottom (i.g. 1 to 4 from the tip of themedal part to the bottom). For some historical reasons, there are two kinds of prevailing solutions on the market:

One is called OMTP, the four segments areas follows: 1. Left channel, 2. Right channel, 3. Microphone (remote), 4.Ground wire;
This solution is usually adapted by Nokia, Huawei, Zhongxing, Lenovo, and previous Samsung at its early stage, etc.

The other is the so-called CTIA solution and it goes as follows: 1. Left channel, 2. Right channel, 3. Ground wire, 4. Microphone(remote).
Giants such as Samsung, Apple, Sony andpart of MOTO smart phones are using CTIA.

So, here are some tips:

1. Make clear the type of the plugs of the earphones/headphones you are willing to buy.

2. For better use and compatibility withour product, we recommend earphones/headphones with CTIA standard plugs.

3. If you use a CTIA standard earphone/headphoneon an OMTP gadget, you may be able to enjoy music but you cannot use the remoteand phone call service through it.

4. But if you use an OMTP standard earphone/headphone on a CTIA gadget, it just won’t work at all.

5. X1, and following FiiO models in the future, will only support remote earphones/headphones with CTIA standard.


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