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Q: M3 - FAQ

1. Charging
1) How may the M3 be charged?
A:  The M3 may be charged by any USB port or USB charger.  Charging via a dedicated USB charger of
DC 5V and 1A or above will be faster.

2) What is the charging current of the M3?
A: About 300mA.

3) How long does it take to charge the M3?
A: The M3 may be fully charged using a recommended DC 5V and 1A in about 2.5 hours.

4) Can the M3 be charged by a portable power bank?
A: Yes.

5) Can I listen to songs on the M3 while charging it?
A:  Yes, but it is recommended to charge the M3 with it powered off for shorter charging time.

6) What if the M3 gets a bit hot while playing and charging at the same time?
A:  Don’t worry about it—the bit of heat will do no damage to you or the M3.  If you’re worried about it, turn
off the M3 for charging.

7) Can I use other micro USB cables to charge the M3?
A: The supplied USB cable or a quality replacement is recommended.  A poor quality USB cable can lead
to slow charging or no charging.

8) Why is the battery indicator on the M3 not very accurate?
A:  The M3 estimates remaining battery capacity based on battery voltage;  because battery voltage
fluctuates while the M3 is drawing power playing music, etc., the battery gauge is not very accurate and is
for reference only.

9) How to judge the charging status of the M3?
A:  The M3's backlit buttons flash red when charging.
If the M3 is on, the battery icon on the top status bar of the display would cycle to indicate charging; if the
M3 is off, a large battery icon would be displayed and cycle to indicate charging.

10) How to judge whether the M3’s battery is full?
A:   If the M3 is on, the battery icon on the top status bar of the display would stop cycling and hold steady
at full;  if the M3 is off, the large battery icon shown when the screen is lit (e.g. by pressing the power
button) would be holding steady at full and not be cycling.

2. Transferring songs
1) What computer operating systems does the M3 support?
A:  The M3 supports 32/64bit Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 and Mac OS X.

2) What USB ports does the M3 support?
A:  The M3 supports USB 2.0 and all standards backwards-compatible with USB 2.0 (e.g. USB 3, and
USB Type C via adapter cable)

3) What’s the M3’s data transfer speeds?
A:  Transfer speeds depend on file format, file size, USB connection type and micro SD card speed class.
On average, the M3’s transfer speed is about 4.5MB/s.

4) How to transfer songs to the M3 and manage them from the computer?
A:  The M3 is seen by the computer simply as two standard USB drives (internal storage and Micro SD
card slot).  Direct drag-and-drop file management and deletion are supported.  No driver installation is

5) Does the M3 support Linux?
A:  Theoretically yes, but Linux operating systems are many and varied, so we have not tested
compatibility with all of them.

6) Why does my computer not recognize the M3?
A:   Firstly, please check that the cable between the M3 and the computer is securely connected on both
ends;  if the problem persists, please restart the M3 and try another USB cable or computer.  If the M3
cannot be connected to any computer using any cable, please contact for support.

3. Firmware updates
1) How to check whether my M3 has the latest firmware?
  1.  Your M3’s current firmware version can be checked at Settings→System Settings→Player
  2.  The latest firmware for the M3 can be found at under “Download” at the lower right.

2) How to update the M3’s firmware?
A:  Please refer to section C. Firmware updates of this User Guide. J

3) What to do if the update fails?  Would my M3 be bricked?
A:  The M3 should not be bricked during the cause of any firmware update attempt, as long as power does
not fail during update (so charge the M3 fully before updating).  In the rare case that the M3 is bricked,
please contact for assistance.

4. Storage
1) What cards do the M3 support?
A:  The M3 supports micro SD cards (also known as TF cards), including SDHC and SDXC cards.

2) Is the M3 picky about cards?
A:   The M3 has been tested to support major brands such as Sandisk and Kingston very well.  It is beyond
our ability to test every other brand out there, but any genuine card from a reputable brand should work
with the M3.  To prevent slow card speeds causing the M3 to stall while playing or be unable to play high
bitrate lossless tracks, please use micro SD cards of Class 6 or above.

3) What size of cards does the M3 support?
A:  The M3 is currently tested to support micro SD cards up to 64GB.  It is recommended to format the
card in FAT32 format.
4) How to format a micro SD card into FAT32 format?
A:  Simply insert the micro SD card into the M3’s card slot, and select
Settings→System Settings→Storage formatting to format the card to FAT32 format using the M3;
Or, Insert the micro SD card to a card reader to connect to your computer, right-click on the micro SD
card shown and choose “Format…” and follow the prompts to format the card to FAT32 format. But
please do not choose 64K under the Allocation unit size when formatting the micro SD card.  Also,
Micro SD cards in 64G or 128G sizes cannot be formatted into FAT32 by the windows system, please try
to use third party tool to format. You can download the specialized format tool (Guiformat) via link1 or
  Warning: all data and existing songs on the card will be deleted, please make backups on your
   computer first as necessary.

5) Nothing from the micro SD card shows on the M3?
1. The Categories listings (except the Folders listing) will not show any songs from a card unless and
until a media library update has been performed.  Go to Settings->System Settings->UpdateMediaLib,
press OK to perform a manual media library update.  Or use the Folders listing to confirm that the files on
your card are recognized by the M3.
2. If neither of the above works to show the songs on your card:
i.  Go to Settings->System Settings->Player information and check that the available size of the micro SD
card you inserted is shown correctly (comparing it to the info shown on your computer);  if not, try
formatting the card using the M3 (this deletes all files on the card;  please back up your data and
music first) and putting your files back on the card;
ii.   If this does not help, it is recommended that you try another card with the M3.
6) Some songs on the micro SD card don’t show on the M3?
  a.  Have you performed a media library update after you last loaded songs onto the card?  Go to
    Settings->System settings->Update Media Lib, press OK to perform a manual media library update.
  b.   If songs are still missing in the category listings (except in the Folders listings), try updating the M3 to
    the latest firmware.
  c.   After updating to the latest firmware, try updating the media library again.

7) How to clear the M3’s media library database file?
A:  Eject the micro SD card from the M3 and then update the media library manually.  This will clear the
database of records on songs on any SD card.

5. Playing music
1) Why would some mp3s not play?
A:  The M3 does not play some low bitrate or sample rate mp3s, specifically sample rates under 32kHz
and bit depths under 16bit are not supported.

2) Why does my .wav files not play?
A:  Please check using Foobar2000 or other capable software on the computer to see whether the wave
file is actually DTS or Dolby encoded multi-channel audio, or perhaps a wave file of bit depth over 24 bits
(32bit and 64bit files are not supported).

3) Why does my .ape files not play?
A:  APE comes in 5 levels of compression, including Fast, Normal, High, Extra High and Insane.  Extra
High and Insane encoded APEs are not supported while Normal and High encoded APEs are only
supported at 48k/24bit or below.

4) Does the M3 support cue sheets?
A:  The M3 supports external cue sheets for identifying and playing a cue’d music file as separate tracks.

5) Why is my cue sheet not supported?
  a.  Embedded cue sheets are not supported.
  b.  Please make sure that the external .cue file is named the same as the music file that it cues.
  c.  .cue files are not supported for FLAC files on the M3.

6) Why does the M3 not show the cue file stored in the M3 when browsing files?
A:   Because it has already been used by the M3 to split the cue’d file into multiple tracks (which are

7) How to shuffle all songs on the M3 and not just an album / folder of songs?
A:  After updating the media library, go to the “All songs” category listing and choose a song to play, then
set the play mode to shuffle to shuffle “All songs”.

8) Why do my lyrics not show?
A:  The M3 only supports external .LRC files, named after the music file it lyricizes.

9) Why am I seeing rubbish characters?
A:  Only ANSI, Unicode and UTF-8 (with and without BOM) encodings are supported for ID3 tags and .lrc
files to be read by the M3.  If the ID3 tags and / or lyrics files are encoded in an unsupported format,
rubbish characters will be shown.

10) Why do my new songs not appear under any Category listing (except Folders)?
A:  Please go to Settings->System Settings->Update Media Lib and press OK, select “Manual” and press
OK to update the media library for new songs to be indexed under the Category listings.  You may also
set Update Media Lib to Auto for the M3 to update the library whenever you connect to the computer or
insert a micro SD card.  Also, your songs must have ID3 tag info for them to be identified in the Media

11) Why does the total number of songs displayed by the
A:  The total number displayed by the M3 indicates the total number of files playable by the M3.

6. Other operations
1) How to get longer battery life for the M3?
  a.  Turn on “Idle poweroff”.  When this is set to on, the player will turn itself off after the set time when no
    music is playing and the user does not press any buttons on the player.
  b.  Lower the backlight brightness to reduce power consumption.
  c.  Set the “Screen timeout” timer, so that the player turns off the screen automatically after the set delay when no buttons have been pressed.

2) Why is the M3 sometimes sluggish in responding?
1.  High bitrate lossless tracks, particularly APEs, take more hardware resources to decode, possibly
    causing slowdowns in the player UI.  You may convert such APEs to FLACs or uncompressed WAVs
    using programs such as foobar2000 on the computer first to make it easier on the player.  The sound
    quality will be the same.
2. Placing too many songs on the M3 may also contribute to slowdowns.  Please limit the number of
    songs on the M3’s micro SD card where possible.
3.  Placing non-music related files on M3’s micro SD cards, such as videos and pictures, may cause the
   M3 to slow down while sifting through them looking for music files.  It is recommended to dedicate the
   micro SD card on the M3 to music.
4. Playing high bitrate files from slow micro SD card may cause stuttering.  Class 6 or above genuine
   micro SD cards are recommended.
5.  Unpredictable ordering of files, such as placing several .ape and .cue files in the same directory.  The
   following directory structure is recommended: create separate folders for albums by the same artist, and
   open subfolders within each artist folder to hold single albums in separate subfolders.
6.  A mixture of music files of several different codecs and sample rates may also slow down the player.  It
   is recommended to place files of different codecs and sample rates into separate folders and to play
   files of the same type in sequence from these folders, to prevent the M3 from having to switch between
   different decoders frequently.

3) Why does the M3 get a bit hot in operation?
A:  The M3 utilizes an SoC with high clock speed, a separate DAC, and (also separately) a high power
headphone amplifier, thus dissipating way more power than consumer DAPs typically performing
computation, DAC and amplification all on the SoC.  Apart from outputting more power to your
headphones, a lot of this power is also dissipated as heat, thus causing the M3 to heat up slightly in
operation; but this does not endanger the M3 or the listener in any way.

4) How to change the language on FiiO M3?
A: Here is the instruction in details to guide you how to change the language: click here.

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Audio Sources
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how can i move through artists and songs alphabetically?

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