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A letter from James to X7 Users

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A letter from James To X7 Users
--origninally posted on Head-Fi on Nov. 25  

Dear respected X7 users and friends,

Recently, for some reasons, some of you had made many suggestions and even criticism on our software and service. I feel quite sad to see that. Because for the whole time, the proudest thing to us is not our products, but that you would treat us like friends. We really appreciate the support and advices you give us since 2008. It's because of your support and advice that we can release more and more good products to share with you.

So I was quite sad to see your comments. Of course, most of it is because that we didn't do well on our part. Hereby I would like to communicate with you about some hot topics regarding the X7.

1. About the X7 firmware

The firmware of X7 was first completed by our cooperative company. After many times' upgrade, the version FW2.0 should be quite stable and complete.

However, the most important thing about smart device is that it can provide more functions and improve its performance via firmware upgrade.

So as an android-based player, the software investment of the X7 way exceeds those of X1, X3 and X5.

Due to some business cooperation conflicts, the cooperative company couldn't offer software upgrade service to us without reserve. And they couldn't offer firmware upgrade and responses as quickly as we do now.

Besides, at the very beginning, the supplier of RK3188 couldn't offer the basic version of Android 5.1. To satisfy some of your requirements such as SRC for third-party apps, we almost have to rebuild the entire system of X7.

To provide better experience and service, also to realize the commitments we made to you when X7 was launched, we invested almost a million dollar to build up a software team of more than a dozen members to create our firmware based on Android 5.1.

Some of you might have experienced the Version 3.0 beta, it's completely developed by our software team from the underlying driver to applications.

2. About the commitment of the firmware

Android system is quite complicated and it has to be compatible to many third-party applications. And I did mention a few times in this thread that we would have a surprise for you one month later. But in the end, due to many problems of the firmware, we couldn't release it for you on time.

And that's why we're more concerned about our statements now. But those users who had joined our private beta test or open beta test could know that ever since version 3.0 beta, we have been updating the system every week. The latest 3.08 beta and the 3.09 beta to be released are quite stable now according to their feedback.

Therefore, I believe that the new official firmware will be available soon.

When the new firmware is released, I believe you will see our hard work in it. And we will keep communicating with you closely.

3. About the Google service support of firmware 2.0 and previous versions

This problem is because that android 4.4 system for RK3188 is too old. To solve this problem, you will have to upgrade the device to Android 5.1. And that's why we have to start all over again despite of high cost and long time.

If it's really hard for you to get used to the current firmware, you can try our beta firmware. The beta firmware is not officially released yet, but it doesn't have many big bugs and can support APTX and other new features.

4. About the sound change in beta version firmwares after FW3.0 compared to FW2.0.

Because the entire system architecture (including the algorithm library) of the X7 has been changed, the sound will be a little different. But most users that I know have positive feedback on this change.

Of course, there are also other voices saying the sound quality is not as good as before. But, since we have almost rebuilt the entire software system, we can no longer make the sound return to its previous state. However, there's no change on the objective audio performance. The feeling of the sound also varies from person to person. We hope you can kindly understand.

Finally, we're now in the Internet era. Information is getting transparent. And there are also a lot of programmers here on this forum. All these information I posted about the complexity of the Android system and the limitations we faced during Android development is not exaggerated.

About the feedback on the new firmware, some friends that speak Chinese can find more information of the progress we made in FW3.08beta and positive feedback of the sound on some of the popular forums and online communities in China.

We are willing to communicate with everyone in utmost sincerity. And we also hope you can pay continuous attention to the work that we have done, and kindly give support to Sunny, Shadow and other FiiO customer support on this forum.

Ps. Due to my limited ability on English, all the content above was written in Chinese by myself and translated to English by my colleague.


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(A few paragraphs that are unrelated to this topic were cut in this post)


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