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Some explanations about Bluetooth Connection — From James

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Edited by FiiO at 2019-1-31 16:52

As FiiO are having more and more Bluetooth devices and we've got more feedback about the Bluetooth connection. Hereby, I would like to explain about the Bluetooth connection and hope the below info could help you.

1.High quality connection method would cause intermittent Bluetooth connection. Since the bandwidth of Bluetooth transmission is fixed, if you use aptX, aptX HD, or LDAC, which optimize in sound quality, the distance compared to connection via SBC and AAC will be significantly shortened. Therefore, if you concerned more about connection, you could choose SBC or AAC. In places with severe interference,the connection priority mode of the SBC needs to be selected.

2.Human body would absorb Bluetooth signal. Since the human body absorbs the2G-3G high frequency signal most strongly, it is necessary to prevent the body from blocking the Bluetooth signal during use. For example, putting your Bluetooth transmitter in your back pocket and put your Bluetooth receiver on your chest will seriously affect the Bluetooth transmission. Therefore, please try to putthe Bluetooth receiver and transmitter on the same side of your body to avoid signal blocked by your body.

3.The electromagnetic signal is too strong. The working channel of the Bluetooth signal is 2.4G, which is also the working channel of WiFi. Bluetooth and WiFi are so common on the cellphone right now. When in places like subway or shopping mall which are crowded, Bluetooth signals transmission will be severely affected by the 2.4G signals transmitted by a large number ofelectronic devices. In this case, please try to avoid using Bluetooth devices as possible. On the other hand, you can try to keep the transmitter and receiver as close as possible. For example, on the subway, you can hold your mobilephone in front of your chest.

4.Streaming will affect the Bluetooth transmission. For example, many would use internet connection on the cellphone to play music and output it via Bluetooth.3G/4G signal would affect the Bluetooth transmission under this situation.

5.Playback device is slow in response. Especially for some cellphone, multiple apps will fight for the audio access. So when using with cellphone or androidplayers, it's better to close those background running apps.

Above are some external factors. There is one other reason that the Bluetooth transmitter/receiveris not well designed. So you will need to pick some devices which could transmits or receive signal better. FiiO's been investing more on wireless products and I believe we will make better products for you.


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