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X7 mkII, two 512GB cards, and Neutron

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Edited by JoeFonebone at 2019-1-30 20:10

Posted to Head-Fi and Fiio boards ...

Thank you all for your helpful comments,esp. JaviAI on Head-Fi. I was able to learn quite a bit on the Fiio and Head-Fi boards before deciding to purchase the X7 mkII, and I'd like to share a few things to extent that they may be helpful to others. So far, I have unboxed the device, connected to wifi, installed Neutron Music Player (USD 6.99) and plugged in two 512 GB PNY Elite microSDXC cards. Each card has about 390 GB of music, 23K songs in total between the two cards, all FLAC 16/44, 24/96 and24/192. 1TB of storage, 23,000-plus song file capacity, and the ability to output SPDIF is pretty darn good for a DAP the size of an iPhone.

FWIW, loading the files onto the microSDXCs was very slow (27 MB/s using card reader built into my computer), but hopefully I'll only have to do the 800 GB transfer once. From what I've read, this appears to be a limitation of the PNY card itself and not the reader.

As near as I can tell, both Fiio Music and Neutron accurately scanned all of the songs, both in about 5 minutes. I like Neutron because it sorts by "album artist," which is great if you have a lot of compilation albums. Using Neutron, I can easily scroll by "album artist,”pick an artist, then pick an album, while being able to see the full names of both. In the Fiio folder view, you see very few characters, which would be a problem for me that Neutron takes care of. I tried the Fiio folder view because I wont use an “artist” sort, which dumps in hundreds of 1 or 2 song artists from compilation albums (e.g., a compilation of every R&B single ever released on Atlantic Records) into the artist list, and Fiio music lacks “album artist”sorting.

IMHO, the Fiio engineers should focus on hardware and firmware. There are many great Android music apps for a few USDs, and the awesome Neutron app is only 7 USD.

Although X7 mkII is intended for use in my car (feeding an Audison Bit One processor by either coax or optical), I've hooked the X7 mkII up to my Oppo HA1 via optical for testing. Sounds great and is outputting 24bit when the source is 24 bit. I did everything this evening and I've only been playing music for about 2.5 hours.

Please note that I HAVE NOT updated the firmware yet (the next update from where I currently am is 1.0.6). I'm a bit wary of doing that given the fact that things are going OK, but I'll probably be brave in a few days and update to 1.0.7.

Any feedback from Neutron users who have updated to 1.0.7 would be appreciated. Did everything work OK?


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