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New M9 - Register Security Code Fail

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Post time 2019-2-8 01:27 |Show all posts |
First time Fiio buyer but many month lurker and review reader.  Got the new M9.  After many "site not found" a couple days ago at home I was finally able to get to on work computer to authenticate my security code on the box.  All good.  But just like the other day, when logged into my new Fiio account, the "My Product" registration page always gives me a pop-up saying "Cannot find the record. Please enter the correct security code".  Add spaces between 5 letter sets of numbers and am told 20 characters.  Had already tried the basic 20 character, no space method without luck.  At least I know my unit is legit and am now willing to open the box to get started.

So I had already searched online and these forums for potential known issues people may have had with this registration process.  Got some hits but looked like a problem previously had but supposedly fixed.

Is this registration security code fail still a known issue or is anyone having luck and can give advice?

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Edited by dilburt at 2019-2-8 07:33

AFAIK, this registration check works every time. I've never had a problem with the units I've purchased.

If you bought your M9 somewhere like Amazon then I wouldn't worry much but if you got it from some unknown company then I would be very careful since it could be a copy that was not built by Fiio. This is not something that happens often but enough so they need to use a system like this to verify people have an official version of the product and not an illegal forgery.

However, I wasn't clear about your statement about the first time you went to the site to register and "All was good". Did you mean that you went to the FiiO site, checked your number and it said the number was valid? Then you went back later and it asked you to check the number again and it failed?

If your number check worked the first time, then you are fine. I've noticed that it will sometimes ask me to enter my number again after I've already entered it. All this means is that your login has expired so just hit the back arrow and click login. You only have to enter your number once. If you try to enter it again it's probably failing since your number is removed from the list after it's verified so the people making counterfeits can't use one good number on hundreds of invalid units.

I hope this all that happened.


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