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M7: 4 month owner - issues and thoughts

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Post time 2019-5-3 20:38:05 |Show all posts |

After 4 months of using my new M7 player, there remain 2 specific issues that annoy:

1. Everytime the unit goes into standby, it loses it's connection to the SD card. I have to physically eject the card and re-insert it. The device NEVER loses connection while actively in use. I've tested with several SD cards and the behavior is the same.

2. At random times, there will be a microsecond gap of silence right in the middle of a song. This never happens in the same place or even during the same song, so it's not my music files.

Other thoughts:

When my iPod Classic finally died, research led me to the M7 and I really wanted to like this player. However, I notice a certain lack of responses here when folks have issues with their M7. It's reminding me of the Mark III version of the X3 where FiiO never fixed all the issues it had and left it's adopters out in the cold. Unless things turn around, I will likely be abandoning the FiiO camp when the above two issues are no longer tolerable for me.

Finally, FiiO makes great devices with quality hardware parts but they fall short in the software arena. They should seriously consider releasing the full hardware specs so that the RockBox folks can port their software. That would make for a STELLAR player. I did see an old post where this was suggested and FiiO's official response was something like, "we tried to match RockBox capabilities and failed" which is a ridiculous response. There is literally no valid reason for not permitting the flexibility of using an alternate OS for these devices.

I would be pleasantly surprised to read any response from the FiiO guys, but I'm not expecting it.

Thanks to anyone for reading!



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Post time 2019-5-6 17:55:56 |Show all posts |
Dear friend,

1. What's the firmware version of your M7 ? Have you ever tried to format the card to FAT32 or use the Sandisk card for check?
2. For the software of X3MKIII, they are cooperative projects with a third-party company. Unfortunately, owing to some subjective reasons on their side, it's getting very hard for us to provide a new firmware update.
For FiiO, we always value the customers most, as you may see that we would provide support to many old products released years ago. If we were able to provide, we would try all means to fulfill the mission. But we are sorry that we still haven't found a good solution to the said issue.

And because of this kind of unavoidable problem, we've built up our own software team so that we can provide more prompt support. Sorry and thank you for your kind understanding.  
Best regards

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