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Post time 2019-6-6 11:25:14 |Show all posts |
Hello, I just emailed this same message to, but figured I would post it here also. I have the M3K and have updated it to the latest firmware (1.3.0) but I've still noticed several bugs:
1. Song titles that begin with an ellipsis ( … ) aren't recognized in any directory. For example, "...Ready For It?" by Taylor Swift is not added after scanning for music. I have six other songs in my collection that begin with an ellipsis and none of those can be found in the device.
2. In the Browse Files directory, if an album title begins with an ellipsis ( … ), the device will not recognize the album. For example, Phil Collins' album "…Hits" cannot be found in this directory. However, if I go to the Artist category, the album and all the songs are recognized; they are also recognized in the Album category.
3. If an album art file is 1MB or larger, the image will not display on the device.
4. I'm not sure about the cause of this bug: I have the artist CHVRCHES in my collection and four of their albums. The four albums are "Every Open Eye", "Every Open Eye [Special Edition]", "Leave A Trace", and "The Bones Of What You Believe". If I try to play any song from those first two albums, the song will play for about one second and then the device will reboot. However, all songs from the other two albums play fine. I've tried comparing the properties of the song files and haven't noticed anything different about them that might cause this.
These are just a couple suggestions, but I think the first one could be very useful to a lot of people:
1. An Album Artist category. I have some compilation albums in my collection, one of which contains over 100 different artists, which means that all 100 of those artists show up under the Artists category, in addition to the other 160 or so other artists in my collection. An Album Artist category could greatly reduce the amount of scrolling necessary to find a particular album artist. My file directory is actually set up this way so it displays ideally in the Browse Files directory, but those tracks are listed alphabetically, not in track order.
2. This one is really nitpicky, but because not everything that I plug into the 3.5mm input is a pair of headphones, the icon could be changed to, perhaps, just a 3.5mm male connector?
All this being said, the M3K is an incredible device and I'm very happy with it. The amount of storage is incredible, the display is excellent for the price, and I feel it's the best sounding music I've ever heard from a device.

Thank you for your consideration!

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